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Saving the Bees at Stirling Public School

Stirling Public School's super exciting actions to save the bees. They recently become a Bee City Canada School and their garden is already growing! At Fun Fairs selling Wildflower Seed Paper and A. Vogel Echinacea seeds, using QR codes to explain pollinator decline,...
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“Save the Bees” Campaign Featured on CTV News Ottawa

During a CTV News Ottawa segment about seasonal allergies, natural medicine expert Sherry Torkos spoke about A. Vogel's "Save the Bees" campaign and their support for Bee City Canada. For every A.Vogel Allergy Relief product sold, the company is donating $1 to Bee...
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A. Vogel “Save the Bees” Campaign

A.Vogel wants to help save the bees! Bees and other pollinators are the unpaid workforce of A.Vogel, pollinating herbs and ensuring they have high quality products. They never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so pollinators are very willing workers! To help...

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Nick Sweetman: Pollinator Sweetheart!

Nick Sweetman is a vibrant, young, street artist whose murals can be seen across Toronto, often featuring impressively coloured bees and other creatures of the natural world. And, like us, Nick also understands the importance of protecting, promoting and celebrating...

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Living With Bees and Wasps

Often, wasps are the stinging culprits and bees get blamed. While bees are better at it, wasps are pollinators too. If an insect has stung you, and at any time, you feel it is becoming difficult to breathe, call an ambulance or go directly to the emergency room. Most...

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Bentall Kennedy is ‘Bee Friendly’

The Bee Friendly Campaign was another example where Bentall Kennedy has proven their commitment to being a good neighbour. Cloverdale Mall, Eglinton Square Shopping Centre & 10 Dundas East, proudly managed by Bentall Kennedy (Canada) Limited Partnership, have...

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