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A selection of articles and blog posts about Bee City Canada
Title Source Date
Whitby declared 10th ‘bee city’ in Canada and first in Durham Region 3-Feb-18
Protecting Ontario’s native pollinators where you live 1-Feb-18
Student club buzzing about bees 26-Jan-18
King may become a ‘Bee City’ 1-Nov-17
Creating a buzz about bees in Kitchener 23-Oct-17
The City of Kawartha Lakes is now a Bee City 24-Jul-17
Bee friendly: City of Kawartha Lakes stands up for pollinators 17-Jul-17
West Queen West all a-buzz about new ‘bee hotels’ 20-Jun-17
Halton Region pledges to protect pollinators 19-Jun-17
Six ‘bee hotels’ fit for a queen open for the summer in Toronto 15-Jun-17
West Queen West has built six new hotels – for bees 14-Jun-17
St. Catharines wants to be a Bee City 30-May-17
Whitby high school first in Canada to be designated as a Bee School 29-May-17
Bee City initiative started by high school student creating more pollinator-friendly spaces in Stratford 19-May-17
Stratford considers designating itself a Bee City through national advocacy organization in hopes of celebrating and supporting pollinators 20-Mar-17
Buzzing about Kamloops becoming B.C.’s first Bee City 25-Jan-17
Kamloops, première cité des abeilles de Colombie-Britannique 25-Jan-17
Kamloops to become BC’s First Bee City 24-Jan-17
Kamloops wants to be a Bee City 24-Jan-17
A look back on 2016, Toronto’s year of living stupidly: DiManno 31-Dec-16
Gone to the bees The Chestermere Anchor 08-Sep-16
Chestermere working to highlight importance of bees Rocky View Weekly 05-Sep-16
Chestermere becomes Western Canada’s first Bee City 30-Aug-16
Chestermere is Designated as Western Canada’s First Bee City 30-Aug-16
Chestermere, 1re « ville de l’abeille » de l’Ouest canadien 30-Aug-16
Welcome to Chestermere: the most bee-friendly city in Western Canada Calgary Herald 30-Aug-16
Encouraging a bee city has many benefits 19-Aug-16
Could Kitchener be next bee city? 09-Aug-16
Street artist turns his aerosol toward saving the bees 28-Jun-16
Giant bee mural at Bloor and Howland celebrates Toronto’s status as Canada’s first Bee City 24-Jun-16
Urban bees all the buzz with recent focus on pollinators 19-Jun-16
What’s the buzz about? 09-Jun-16
Introducing Bee City Canada 01-Jun-16
Hold the honey – it’s time to celebrate wild bees, says U of T researcher 24-May-16
What you can do in your garden to help bees and butterflies 19-May-16
Making Toronto a Better Home for Bees 28-Apr-16
This Earth Day, Bee Positive 20-Apr-16
The buzz on council’s decision to designate Toronto a Bee City 20-Apr-16
T.O Bee or not T.O. Bee 07-Mar-16
Q&A: How to save our disappearing bees 05-Mar-16
Toronto could become first Canadian Bee City 26-Feb-16
Toronto set to become Canada’s first official ‘Bee City’ 26-Feb-16
Toronto to become Canada’s first official ‘Bee City’ 25-Feb-16
Push to declare Toronto a ‘Bee City’ 18-Feb-16