Current Bee Schools

Tredway Woodsworth PS

Congratulations to the students of Tredway Woodsworth PS on becoming the first Bee School in Canada!

Tredway Woodsworth students use an Inquiry Learning based approach to understanding the many connections with pollinators including our food system. Their garden and wild bee homes reflect their infusion of art into the study of ecology, so inspiring!

We love that Mme. White connected with us to find out about how we can share resources and develop ideas to help each other. In fact, her awesomeness is what inspired us to create Bee City Schools!

Thank you so much to all of the students at Tredway Woodsworth for sharing your ideas and for loving Nature!

Blythwood PS

Warmest of welcomes, so excited about the deep connections Blythwood PS is making with Nature.

Congratulations Zoe Rosenfeld and Josh Digirolamo for your wonderful success at getting your school to adopt the resolutions to become a Bee School!

We are so excited about the plans you have for creating a pollinator oasis and for inspiring ideas like BEE-YOU-tiful Boulevards.

As Blythwood’s B+B (Butterfly and Bee) garden plans grow, all of the wonderful initiatives for connecting communities to the protection and celebration of pollinators will grow along with it, spreading the beauty of flowers and the bees!

Thank you for gardening for wildlife!

Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute

Bee City’s first High School!

Congratulations Aidan! We are trilled with the events and activities that you and your Eco Team have created to inspire the rest of your school to care about pollinators.

So many pollinator supporting strategies have already been planned by this Bee Team including a very well designed garden, many STEM related projects and wild bee house building.

We love that you have partnered with Ontario Nature’s Youth Council and Native Plants in Claremont!!!

During Pollinator Week the Bee Team will share bee love by hosting honey tastings, a lovely Bee movie, wildflower plantings and other cool interactive events. We are so very proud of Aidan and his fellow students at Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute and so very grateful for everything they are doing for pollinators in Whitby and beyond.



Kortright P.S.

Bee lovers with a mission!

‘A truly student-led initiative from beginning to end!’ says teacher Cathryn Dykstra. The students at Kortright P.S. ‘did research, spoke to bee experts from a university, made morning announcements, created posters to put up around the entire school, and produced numerous bee art activities to spread around their classroom walls. They designed a new pollinator garden for their school yard. They even organized a bee celebration day for the entire school where everyone was asked to wear black and yellow and they brilliantly orchestrated a school-wide bee assembly. Congratulations to these incredible young environmental leaders at Kortright Hills P.S.!!!’


Stirling PS inspires us!

Creative ideas to help save the bees and butterflies, and a fabulous pollinator garden, are sprouting up in Stirling Ontario at Stirling PS.

We are so impressed by the unique ways they have championed seeds and bees, and for all the collaborative efforts they have taken on to help make our planet healthier.

Thank you Mrs. Mossman-Cross, you and your class are spreading beauty and love!