Bee School Application

Make a difference by becoming a Bee School and making a pledge to protect pollinators and their habits.

Five Simple Steps to becoming a Bee School

A Bee School is a school committed to pollinators.

The process includes the following:

1. Fill out an application – Download the Bee City Canada School application form. Find an official liaison within your school and complete the form.

2. Formulate your resolution – Work with your contacts – outlined in your Application Form – to develop goals specific to your school that align with the Bee City Canada initiative.

3. Get it approved – share your application and draft resolutions with Bee City Canada. Send a copy to

4. Get it finalizedpresent the application form and resolutions form to your faculty for final approval.

5. Get it recognized send a copy of your signed resolution form to and receive your official recognition as a Bee School!

Once Certified:

1. Celebrate being a Bee School through public awareness activities and take part in International Pollination week. Promote your activities through community signage, events, and web & social activity.

2. Execute your resolution and make an impact in your community. Meeting the goals of the resolution is vital to Bee City Canada and your community making the change worth talking about.

3. Annually report your activities with Bee City Canada and work towards re-certifying your school as a Bee School, year-after-year.