Sharing the love story between flowers and pollinators.

On January 30th,  the Bee City team had the great pleasure of visiting Tredway Woodsworth Public School in Scarborough, Ontario.

After being warmly welcomed by Mme. White and her class of grade 3 and 4 students, our team led the class on a sensory exploration of the many beautiful elements of flowers.

The children also had an opportunity to sample chamomile tea sweetened with honey and learned about how many native plants are used by Indigenous communities for medicines and food.

We engaged in an appreciation for the aromas, tactile elements and visual intricacies of the flowers and how the pollinators are uniquely adapted to fit into them.

So much wonderful sharing of excitement in this lovely class. We have so much to learn form them as they follow their journey of exploration into the wild world of pollinators.

Tredway Woodsworth Public School was designated as our first Bee City School in 2016. They planted a roof top garden last year and created innovative bee homes for cavity nesters.

After our visit Mme. White and her students also created this lovey art for the River of Pollinators Exhibition.

We are so grateful for the warm invitation from Mme. White and her students.

Thanks so much for the joy you bring to Bee City!